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Prejudices affect us all. We all have them. But they divide us into groups, discriminate and can even make us ill. This can manifest itself in different ways, but it is always equally burdensome. Therefore, prejudices and their consequences must be openly communicated and educated in order to be able to prevent them in the long run. This was exactly the goal of IKK classic, Scholz & Friends Düsseldorf, C3 Creative Code & Content and Wavemaker Hamburg. Because prejudices concern us all.

01 The goal

IKK classic would like to raise awareness about prejudice and its discriminatory consequences – which can lead to depression and other illnesses. The aim is to create opportunities and show possibilities for improvement on how to better deal with prejudice in various situations. In addition, affected persons shall be offered a platform to tell their stories and thus additionally – with very emotional factors – draw attention to the topic and its importance. By means of a conducted study, the facts and stories shall be scientifically substantiated. In short: educating, creating relevance and eliminating prejudices.

02 The strategy

The project is implemented over several weeks in different phases. In the first phase (four weeks), the focus is on education. The results of the study show a clear need for action, and the stories of people who have been discriminated against are intended to encourage those affected. In the second phase, relevance is to be created in order to recognize one’s own prejudices. Because each:r carries them in itself and shows them in different situations – even if often completely unconsciously. Rethinking is the goal. Prejudices are to be conquered together. Because without them we go through life healthier and stronger.

03 The implementation

On behalf of IKK classic and accompanied by Scholz & Friends Düsseldorf, the renowned rheingold institut from Cologne conducted a basic study on the health consequences of prejudice and discrimination. In order to raise public awareness of this important topic as well as the consequences for those affected, Scholz & Friends Düsseldorf, C3 Creative Code & Content and Wavemaker Hamburg joined forces and developed a networked cross-media campaign consisting of OOH, OLV, display, social media, ambient, guerrilla and content, which is played across all IKK classic channels.

The implementation is as diverse as the target group. Since prejudice affects us all, the topic is communicated via a wide variety of channels and content formats. On the landing page, not only are the study results presented in a bundled form to create awareness and relevance, but portraits of those affected are also published for each key topic. A video series is planned as a central component of the second phase of the project. Experts and those affected will have their say and create an exciting and varied composition. Influencers will also be part of the video series, as will street surveys. In this way, attention will be created and the topic will still be presented in a human and accessible way. The campaign content will also be extended on IKK classic’s social media channels: IKK is therefore launching its new TikTok-Account at the same time.

04 The result



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05 Why it matters

Eliminating prejudices for a healthier coexistence: This is probably one of the things that matter most. Confronting one’s own prejudices in order to conquer them is an important step in the right direction. But above all, offering affected people a platform and thus visibility and listening to them. We create the opportunity to bring together people who, through their diversity, usually have one thing in common: The desire to actively defeat prejudice! And this is what matters.


Managing Director

Lisa Sieben


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