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With a B2B2C communication approach, a content ecosystem was created for KfW’s promotional bank.

KfW Material für verschiedene Kanäle

01 The goal

KfW offers a wide range of promotional and financing opportunities for large and small businesses, property developers, company founders and students. The problem is that KfW’s products are complex – and are frequently being adapted to the constantly changing economic framework conditions. Our aim is therefore not only to generate attention for the range of promotional-banking offerings, but also to meet the need for explanation that accompanies the products, and to reach all target groups seamlessly via all relevant touchpoints.

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02 The strategy

We create a content ecosystem around the products of KfW, based on a B2B2C communication approach. To bring KfW’s multi-layered product offering closer to the end customer, we place financing partners and bank advisors at the centre of the ecosystem, as the most important interface to the customer. They are provided with target-group-appropriate marketing modules and tools. This enables KfW to act in proximity to the customer and reach target groups at the point of sale.

“C3’s strategic approach and intelligent orchestration make it possible to explain the often complex structures of KfW Group’s promotional-banking offers in a clear and comprehensible way – and to reach customers at all relevant touchpoints.”
Eva-Maria Röder, Director of Domestic Marketing, KfW Group

03 The implementation

Whether consultation, website or social media – KfW’s financing partners received high-quality marketing material made by C3, for all touchpoints along the customer journey.

All assets offer the opportunity for co-branding and adaptation to the design guidelines of the financing partners: demand-oriented and flexible content marketing at its best.

In addition to classic print material such as brochures and flyers, the marketing material also includes digital assets that vividly illustrate KfW products. With digital product finders and funding finders, users can learn, with just a few clicks, which product is suitable for their individual needs. In videos, protagonists whose lived experiences are relevant and relatable for the target group explain complex issues. These videos are aptly and comprehensibly prepared, thanks to intelligent storytelling.

In addition, the “Best Cases+” feature tells the success story of financial products in an emotionally compelling way – and provides a whole package of formats for all channels, for use in presenting the reference case.

The cooperation between KfW and C3 ended in July 2020.

04 The result

Lighting the way through the funding jungle – and making customers and financing partners happy:

>1 million

interactions per year with digital assets on financing partners’ websites


printed brochures and flyers


financing partners in the B2B2C approach


minutes of video


Gold at the Best of Content Marketing Award

KfW Infosheets

05 Why it matters

A win-win-win situation thanks to the content ecosystem: customers are pleased to receive comprehensible information on KfW promotional banking, while financing partners receive high-quality and free marketing support – and KfW is as close as possible to the target group.


Managing Director

Lisa Sieben


+49 711 900 511 4122

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