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One idea, consistent, data-supported and implemented in an always-on content ecosystem – that’s contemporary content marketing for IKK classic.

Ansicht der IKK Website auf verschiedenen Endgeräten

01 The goal

IKK classic positions itself as the “most accessible insurance community for makers”. An up-to-date relaunch of the entire customer communication is to sustainably communicate this positioning. The goal is to increase relevance for the target group, in every phase of the customer journey and at every touchpoint. Our challenge: creating overarching consistency across all content in the long term.

02 The strategy

The main target group of IKK classic are people who learned a trade. They can only practice their trade and be makers if they are truly healthy. Our long idea “Make.Healthy” reflects this understanding of the customer and is the focal point for communications across all channels and occasions. The guiding idea connects all products and services of IKK classic with the lived reality of the “makers”. Content doesn’t just entertain – it also always offers user value, which the target group appreciates.

“In C3, we chose a content marketing agency that is well positioned to cover a broad range of disciplines and can support us in all areas, from strategy and tech to editorial and performance. This integrated approach continues to convince us.”
Thomas Sleutel, Head of Market Division, IKK classic

03 The implementation

The content marketing strategy for IKK classic takes all available channels and platforms into account and considers these part of an interconnected system. At the centre of the strategy is the website, accompanied by traffic providers such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, several newsletters for individual target groups, and the print customer magazine. Instead of delivering generic content, data-supported topic planning connects specific topics from the living environment of target-group segments with IKK classic services. In doing so, we position ourselves boldly with topics you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a health insurance provider: from tips for really good sex and DIY guides for building a treehouse, to truly existential topics like immortality. In addition, personalisation campaigns are built on the proprietary website, using the insights gained to develop an increasingly relevant user journey at both campaign and content level.

Content Pieces für IKK classic

04 The result

The consistent implementation of the long idea “Make.Healthy” is coming to fruition. Our content – from the website and social media channels to the newsletter – is well received!

+52 %

more website visits from January to December 2019.

+36 %

longer website sessions from organic search.

+129 %

Facebook reach (organic/paid) until April 2020.


subscribers receive the newsletter.


video views since C3 took over the YouTube channels in January 2019.

05 Why it matters

With us as a partner, IKK classic has arrived at a totally new level of contemporary communication. Thanks to the consistent implementation of the guiding idea, IKK classic communicates on all channels that it makes makers healthy.


Managing Director

Lisa Sieben


+49 711 900 511 4122

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