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Original and unique: with the monothematic magazine series “enkelfähig”, Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH shows how corporate publishing can break conventions.

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01 The goal

Private equity meets family business: the combination of these different worlds makes Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH special. Haniel is an example of how to create economic value while at the same time strengthening social values for future generations. Our aim is therefore to consolidate Haniel’s strong position as a thought leader in the field of “family equity” – and to authentically communicate Haniel’s essential sense of responsibility for people, the environment and returns on investment.

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02 The strategy

Adherence to principles must also be flexible – the magazine series “enkelfähig” demonstrates this, in terms of both content and design. The unusual corporate publishing concept follows a monothematic topic in each issue. As a result, “enkelfähig” constantly reinvents itself, breaks with conventions and includes Haniel’s core values in a contemporary way.

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03 The implementation

“enkelfähig” initiates dialogue and does not shy away from discussing uncomfortable developments. Haniel is courageous, gives space to social issues and focuses on a variety of stories – not just on its own business.

From a universal basic income, to the four-day workweek and social consumption – the “UTOPIA” issue focuses on the future, juggling futuristic thought experiments and visionary creativity. The “CAPITALISM” issue discusses which economic and social system is the best – and whether sustainable consumption is even possible. The fact that Haniel, as an investment company, takes a critical look at this topic proves that Haniel has not only a healthy dose of corporate self-irony, but also, and above all, poise and a reflective approach to its own actions.

Stories from the Haniel holding company and external food for thought are given equal weight in every issue. Articles by renowned experts on business-related and social topics show how Haniel lives innovation and vision. Individuals from outside the company have their say, as do employees who courageously look forward. The combination of high-quality business journalism and subtle humour makes “enkelfähig” an exceptional magazine.

Each “enkelfähig” is unmistakable: the appearance of the magazine varies from issue to issue. Layout grids, basic fonts and a few fixed columns are the constants. The choice of other design elements supports the monothematic orientation of each issue.

04 The result

Original illustrations and photo productions, as well as a multitude of experts who have their say, distinguish “enkelfähig”.


monothematic issues


well-known illustrators provide images for “enkelfähig”


experts have their say


complex subjects were vividly – and visually – explained and illustrated


copies per print run

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05 Why it matters

Consistency in the unusual: “enkelfähig” shows poise and does not shy away from breaking conventions – in concept, content and design.


Managing Director

Lisa Großmann

+49 711 900 511 4122

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