FC Bayern

Club magazine “51” opens a new chapter in the member and fan communications of FC Bayern Munich. That's how sports editorial services work today!

Titel und Innenteil des FC Bayern Magazins

01 The goal

The FC Bayern brand demands a look and feel and content of the highest quality. The record-setting German championship club wants to reach members and fans emotionally by granting them an intimate inside view.

Titel des FC Bayern Magazins

02 The strategy

The FC Bayern magazine “51” concentrates on the essential: FC Bayern Munich. The magazine brings the brand essence “Mia san mia” (“We are who we are”) to life – for all sections of the club.

“We developed our new member magazine in close collaboration with C3. Together we created a product that all of FC Bayern can be proud of.”
Stefan Mennerich, Director Media, Digital and Communication
Titel und Innenteil des FC Bayern Magazins

03 The implementation

Directly from the heart of FC Bayern, located at Säbener Straße 51 in Munich, the members of the sports giant are supplied with big stories, portraits, interviews, photo spreads and background info – from football to chess – from the entire FC Bayern family. Fans, stars, teams and employees all have their say. Real people are shown in authentic surroundings – honest and approachable. Our concept: we show images that haven’t been online or on TV. We meet protagonists for interviews in unexpected locations and ask unexpected questions. On the one hand, we are close to the stars; on the other hand, we show fans just like you and me. All content is also edited digitally and available to members online. In close collaboration with FC Bayern Munich, C3 took the lead on concept, layout, imagery and project management, and provided editorial support for the initial monthly issues of “51”.

Titel und Innenteil des FC Bayern Magazins

04 Das Ergebnis

Stern des Südens: Die Redaktion landet mit der „51“ bei Fans und Fußballfreunden einen Volltreffer.

04 The results

Star of the south: “51” scores with fans and football enthusiasts:



>80 %

of the images were shot exclusively for the magazine.


per month published.

05 Why it matters

The magazine sets itself apart from other club magazines and sets new standards in terms of formats, architecture, premium, character, information hierarchy and storytelling – journalism 4.0.


Managing Director

Matthias Kästner


+49 89 2070041041

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