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Our world is changing. The economic climate, new customer needs and technological transformation change everyday business. Times like these require technology for life. That’s what the Bosch annual report 2019 is about: Innovation for times of transition.

Auszug aus dem digitalen Bosch Geschäftsbericht

01 The goal

Artificial intelligence, connectivity, digitalisation and electrification determine the everyday business of modern corporations. Bosch wants to position itself as the leading supplier in the areas internet of things (IoT) and AI – and as an attractive employer for brilliant minds who contribute to innovations in these areas. This requires an integrated communications solution that speaks to different stakeholders.

Auszüge aus dem digitalen Bosch Geschäftsbericht

02 The strategy

“Technology for life” is always at the heart of the annual report. Every year, we illustrate a different aspect of this brand promise. The Bosch technologies enrich the lives of people and enable a resource-efficient life and economy. Considering the current difficult economic environment, this message is particularly meaningful. To lend it credibility, we have to gain people’s attention and acceptance through clear communication – to win them over with our ideas.

“Developing our annual report with C3 is fun. We appreciate the pleasant collaboration and editorial competence.”
Patrick Scheerer, Communications and Brand Management, Bosch

03 The implementation

An extreme climber who tackles frozen waterfalls with a Bosch rock drill. A pedelec trainer who gets to work safely thanks to her Bosch eBike ABS. A Bosch researcher advancing a method to combine artificial intelligence and human knowledge. These are just three of the many protagonists whose stories are told in the annual report 2019. Every story has to meet two requirements: to clarify the added value for humans and to explain the technology in depth. The stories are gathered on a landing page on the global website The financial section and a corporate overview in numbers and facts are also available as downloads, and in a video message, Volkmar Denner, chairman of the board of management at Bosch, speaks to visitors. It’s important during production that the teams of Bosch and C3 ensure the content of the stories can be played across platforms in a variety of suitable formats. Available texts and assets can serve not only as long reads, but also as building blocks for a chatbot. In addition, all content is continually recontextualised through campaigns and themed social media weeks.

04 The result

The Bosch annual report convinces all along the line.







05 Why it matters

The times we live in pose complex challenges: How do we want to work, live, move? How can technology improve the lives of people and protect the environment? The Bosch annual report 2019 has answers. C3 helps to present these answers in a digestible, inspiring way.


Managing Director

Lisa Großmann

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