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enercity AG presents itself as modern and innovative, yet emotional, with a digital annual report.

Auszüge aus dem enercity Geschäftsbericht

01 The goal

Energy service provider enercity AG has delivered excellent business result in 2019. In addition, the corporation is driving the energy transformation and positioning itself as the driving force of the digital energy world of tomorrow. That has to be communicated! The goal: to summarise the variety of causes the company is committed to and its broad range of services quickly, succinctly and comprehensibly in a modern reporting style.

02 The strategy

A digital annual report makes it possible to present the most strategically relevant enercity activities of the business year 2019 in a compact and structured one-pager. The guiding idea “enercity moves the future” determines design and content. The annual report shows the concrete contribution enercity has made to the energy transformation in Germany – and which ambitious goals have been set for 2020. enercity doesn’t just philosophise about energy transformation, it makes it happen, sets wind turbines spinning, connects networks and powers e-cars.

Auszüge aus dem enercity Geschäftsbericht
“With good content and an attractive design, the annual report doesn’t just reach the target group, it inspires them. The digital reporting concept we developed with C3 is fun and underlines our positioning.”
Dirk P. Lindgens, Head of Corporate Communications, enercity

03 The implementation

Complex structures and unnecessary detours? You won’t find those in the digital enercity annual report. On an easy-to-navigate microsite, every visitor can get an overview of enercity’s business year 2019 – quickly, simply and efficiently. The entry point is an elaborately produced video interview with the enercity board. Topics dictated by 2019’s strategically important corporate activities structure the report. Concise, emotional statements replace long, fact-driven headlines, focusing on added value for the stakeholders. Each topic is reduced to important key messages on the main page, and more information is only a click away. Further reading includes employee statements and integrates compact reported stories on the successes of the year 2019. Momentum everywhere: The entire page relies on dynamic movement and flowing transitions. Animated charts illustrate things that are set and kept in motion by enercity. Icons and images grow while scrolling, wind turbines spin, drones fly, e-cars and e-bikes roll. Analogue highlight: an accompanying premium notebook shows excerpts from the annual report.

04 The result


Red Dot Award 2020


interviewees from more than 10 of the Group’s divisions were interviewed


additional reports and features on the successes and goals of strategically important business areas


animated graphics bring movement to the annual report

Auszüge aus dem enercity Geschäftsbericht

05 Why it matters

Reporting goes digital. The enercity annual report 2019 is a reporting highlight that sets new digital standards.


Managing Director

Lisa Sieben


+49 711 900 511 4122

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