Bosch Home & Garden

Content for anyone who likes DIY. With Bosch Home & Garden, hobbyists and gardening enthusiasts worldwide find inspiration and instructions for their projects. Several channels and the central content hub offer the DIY community a variety of tips for improving their homes and gardens.

01 The goal

Bosch Home & Garden becomes a source of inspiration and a consultant for home and garden DIYers. Thanks to content marketing, the target group can see the variety of individual “home-made” projects. In addition, they are encouraged to become familiar with battery-powered tools such as drills, saws and grinders.

02 The strategy

Empowerment and individualisation are in focus for the digital content strategy. As an “enabling friend”, Bosch Home & Garden speaks to relevant target groups – from creative thinkers who build entire pieces of furniture, to garden enthusiasts and ambitious hobbyists – through personal, connected and tailor-made content on different channels. Authentic communication, on equal footing, conveys ideas and knowledge to offer added value to the community and to strengthen a positive brand image.

03 The implementation

The central “Bosch DIY” content hub is the heart of the channel strategy. Users can find a triad of content types: DIY projects with step-by-step instructions, knowledge contributions and inspiring articles on trends. We don’t just deliver the basis for these content pieces with innovative ideas – we also get handy with the implementation: C3’s Stuttgart team regularly turns into a workshop, where small projects are realised in DIY sessions. Thanks to typically journalistic self-experimentation, C3’s Home & Garden team know exactly what they are writing about. Real experts also lend authenticity to the content, while the multimedia presentation makes help formats entertaining and easy to understand. Seasonal themes and occasions are picked up in campaigns across channels. The website, as the content hub, is adapted to the local language in six core countries. In addition to culturally specific relevance of content for each target group, local SEO adaption is in focus. As lead agency, we create, produce, coordinate and report all activities and content surrounding the hub and the associated social media channels Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube. Channel-specific content encourages an exchange within the community and generates traffic on the “Bosch DIY” website. The C3 team masters the challenge of providing several countries with more than 150 social content pieces each month by working closely with Bosch Home & Garden, as well as eight local partner agencies. This results in a useful balance between proactive social media planning and spontaneous hype posts. An iterative feedback structure among markets, Bosch Home & Garden and C3 ensures consistent optimisation.

04 The result

We nailed it! Not only has overall performance improved, but website traffic and follower numbers are also continually growing.

>1 million

subscribers in the international community, across all channels


Gold in the category international communication at the Best of Content Marketing Award 2020


followers on Instagram gained within a year


countries supplied with content surrounding DIY topics

05 Why it matters

Together, Bosch Home & Garden and C3 create enthusiasm for DIY topics, inspire creativity and encourage users to tackle new projects.


Managing Director

Lisa Sieben

+49 711 900 511 4122

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