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13 countries, 7 languages, 6 social media accounts and 4 websites – that’s how we deliver premium content for this energy giant through an intelligent communication system.

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01 The goal

As the leading independent gas and oil company in Europe, Wintershall Dea has many channels, target groups and markets. This requires a multi-channel communication concept that positions Wintershall Dea in alignment with its focus and goals at all times and in all places.

verschiedene Beispiele für Social-Media-Inhalte für Wintershall Dea

02 The strategy

Content in quantity and quality. The content strategy brings the corporate strategy of Wintershall Dea to life and turns it into effective communication. Social media plays the leading role, complemented by a global website and country websites for the three most important markets. The target groups – partners, the industry and the competition, journalists, employees and new talents, the national public in the target countries – determine the topics. All content is delivered to the target group, supported by the media budget, to achieve relevant reach.

“With the expertise of C3, we managed to elevate our digital communication strategy to a new level and to stay way ahead of our competition.”
Stephanie Raddatz, Vice President Corporate Services and Channels, Wintershall Dea

03 The implementation

Social media content, which can be used by all countries and individually adapted to national specifics with little effort, is the backbone of communication. It aims to provide content pieces that are always snackable and shareable, that inform, take a position or entertain. Depending on the topic and target group, they are published on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram in a total of seven languages – English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Norwegian and Arabic. A corporation with the size and significance of Wintershall Dea also needs websites as digital calling cards. A clean website concept, developed by C3, rounds off the international communication strategy for Wintershall Dea. As with any content, the magic is in the details, which influences the site’s UX. Drilling for gas and oil means drilling down, vertically. The websites are designed to be strictly vertical – by scrolling, you will find content resources rather than natural resources!

verschiedene Beispiele für Website-Inhalte für Wintershall Dea

04 The results


posts on all social media channels

62 million

impressions on all social media channels


website clicks across all four websites


BCM Award for international communication in 2019

05 Why it matters

Anyone can do B2C for beloved brands. The creation of cool B2B and employer branding content for a company that isn’t an easy sell in public discourse is a real “creating what matters” challenge that we meet every day.


Managing Director

Matthias Kästner

+49 89 2070041041

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