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C3 gives Continental Tyres a profile on digital channels across Europe.

Continental Fahraufnahmen in den Bergen

01 The goal

Tyres keep things rolling. Yet it’s only when tyres need to be changed that we care about these things that get us from A to B. The goal of Continental Tyres is to change this perspective, with a consistent brand presence across Europe. An emotional positioning brings tyres into focus for the customer.

Continental Collage

02 The strategy

“The ones you can count on” – the existing Continental brand messaging determines the content strategy for the tyre giant. Every topic is viewed through a content filter – from idea to implementation. This ensures that the content strategy is captured in every single asset. The tyre manufacturer’s markets receive content pieces that can be adapted for the website as well as for social media channels. This centralised organisation of communication enables a brand presence that remains consistent across Europe, in line with the guiding message.

Continental Grafik mit Automobilen im Wandel der Zeit
“More than 25 Continental markets in Europe with different challenges are supported with centrally produced content. The feedback proves that good, high-quality content is what convinces our colleagues in the markets, as well as our customers.”
Sandra Roslan, Head of Content Marketing & Social Media at Continental Reifen

03 The implementation

Cycling enthusiast, long-distance runner or racing driver – the content pieces for Continental Tyres thrill mobility aficionados across Europe. Moving stories address topics from the tyre manufacturer’s cosmos. Video reports with a personal touch and infographics accompany hero content. The markets choose, adapt and use content on their own channels – in the content strategy for Continental Tyres, individuality and consistency go hand in hand. Highlight campaigns put an additional spin on the brand. Unusual and brave concepts, as well as strong stories, convincingly told, inspire more than 25 Continental markets in Europe.

04 Das Ergebnis

Well-rounded results!


social media posts rolled out


minutes in motion (19 days of filming, 70 videos)


website articles

05 Why it matters

Premium content for premium tyres: emotional and brave messages that consistently implement the brand’s content strategy move Continental Tyres into pole position across Europe.


Managing Director

Lisa Sieben

+49 711 900 511 4122

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