Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care

No organ donor card? No excuses! German comedians and influencers tackle a difficult subject by campaigning for organ donation.

Ausschnitt aus Organspende Kampagne

01 The goal

The number of organ donors in Germany is sinking steadily, even though many approve of organ donation in principle. Nevertheless, only one in three Germans carries an organ donor card. It’s easy to find an excuse: “I don’t know where to get the card.” or “Who would want my organs anyway?” The influencer marketing campaign for the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care makes it clear that there are no excuses. The goal: hit the broad target audience where it hurts – by deflating their excuses and preconceptions.

Influencer für Organspende Kampagne

02 Die strategy

Organ donation and comedy in one campaign? Sure! In a total of seven films, popular comedians and YouTubers mock and exaggerate excuses and preconceptions. Humour forces people to take a good look at themselves in the mirror and encourages discussions.

03 The implementation

The artists were free to tackle the topic in their own way, so they speak about organ donation in existing formats. The resulting films are as diverse as the artists behind them. Harry G jokes, “They’ll write you a death certificate for a split lip.” The Space Frogs make fun of the ten craziest excuses to not donate organs. The only unifying element: an end card with a standardised look and feel that carries on to the accompanying microsite of the influencer campaign, which offers further information on the topic. The videos were mainly distributed through the YouTube and Facebook channels of the artists, which also guaranteed high awareness, organic reach and the authenticity of the campaign! Advertorials in large German media outlets, such as the magazines Bunte and Focus, as well as a targeted delivery of Facebook posts, completed the influencer marketing strategy.

“I am glad the campaign was so popular. The goal was to encourage people to grapple with the topic, and we succeeded.”
Bavarian State Minister of Health and Care, Melanie Huml

04 The result

The heated discussion in the Facebook and YouTube comments sections proves that organ donation is worth talking about!

4,35 million







organ donation card downloads

05 Why it matters

“No excuses” was the most successful online campaign ever implemented by the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care. Many declared that they intended to get a card. If that contributes to only one life being saved, the campaign is already more than worth it.


Managing Director

Lisa Sieben

+49 711 900 511 4122

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