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Pure entertainment! The brand channel “o2 more O” is filled with moving-image digital diversion.

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01 The goal

Telefónica o2 in motion – the brand aims for more awareness with cool entertainment in moving-image formats. YouTube comes into focus as a platform for a branding channel and “o2 more O” becomes the home of entertainment in the o2 sphere.

Beispielszene mit Frau in Bauarbeitermontur für o2 YouTube Brandchannel

02 Die strategy

“o2 more O” is newly set up as a brand channel with YouTube video formats specifically conceptualised to get things moving. Continual assessment of selected guiding themes and monitored success of the videos with data-driven performance marketing are important to verify that the YouTube marketing strategy doesn’t just offer high entertainment value, but also shows a sustainable effect.

“C3 did an excellent job of setting up a brand channel with high entertainment value. Entertainment and performance go hand in hand – the o2 brand channel thus contributes to our brand positioning in the best possible way.”
Florian Jedlitschka, Leiter Social Media & Content bei Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG

03 The implementation

A blend of different formats makes the YouTube channel “o2 more O” successful. “#advertising” carries viewers off into the colourfully exaggerated world of teleshopping, “Unboxing Extreme” carries the unboxing of the telecommunication service provider’s new product highlights to extremes. And “Beyond the O” shines a light on online phenomena, such as food porn or cyber-bullying, and takes a look behind the scenes. Well-known influencers, YouTubers and comedians guide viewers through the clips. The close collaboration with opinion makers with wide reach additionally boosts the channel. The videos are filmed either in the studio or outdoors. This variety of settings – always adapted to the topic and product – underlines the diverse moving-image strategy. These videos aren’t only on YouTube, but also on other o2 channels. This cross-channel use doubles the impact of the cool video content.

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04 The result

The brand channel “o2 more O” performs: whether engagement, followers or views – the YouTube marketing activities achieve top results.










new followers

05 Why it matters

Data-driven creativity, performance-oriented entertainment, sustained awareness – “o2 more O” unifies seemingly opposing approaches from the outset and implements them entertainingly and successfully.


Managing Director

Lisa Sieben

+49 711 900 511 4122

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