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Content campaign "Blood is Blood. Human is Human."

01 The goal

In 2022, we once again worked with IKK classic to design and implement socially relevant topics on the theme of attitude and diversity. One of the highlights of this attitude campaign began on World Blood Donor Day on June 14, 2022 and had its grand finale on Pride Day on July 7, 2022. In the content campaign “Blood is blood. Human is human.” attention is drawn to the discrimination that continues to exist against men who have sex with men when it comes to donating blood.

02 The strategy

In the sequence of the two action days was informed first about the importance of blood donations. With the upcoming Pride Day succeeded the content twist to the key message: That homosexual and bisexual as well as -trans men are discriminated despite vital and missing blood in the donation. Starting point is on the one hand the adapted guideline of this blood donor group in the autumn 2021 and on the other hand the demand of the Federal Government in the coalition agreement to abolish the blood donation prohibition for queer men if necessary, legally. As Germany’s largest statutory guild health insurance fund, IKK classic pursues the goal of enabling everyone to lead a healthy life. This also includes treating each other with respect. Because prejudices make people sick.

03 The implementation

In order to generously draw attention to this topic and to induce a rethinking, research was conducted and the current blood donation law and the accompanying discrimination against queer men were examined. In order to be sensitized in this regard, intensive contact was also made with representatives of the community.

In addition to the comprehensive research results, the campaign claim “Blut ist Blut. Human is human.” and the key visual of a drop of blood in the Pride colors.

04 The result

The landing page (blut-ist-blut.de) was designed and implemented with emotional content tailored to IKK classic. The landing page addresses and educates on various topics:


  • Discrimination in blood donation
  • Facts about blood donation
  • Requirements for a blood donation
  • 4 reasons why donating blood is good
  • Why you should donate blood
  • Where to donate blood


Furthermore, a cross-media ecosystem was created on the topic with the help of educational Gesund.Machen articles, informative social media posts, entertaining as well as creative influencer videos on TikTok and a new episode of the attitude series on YouTube.

≈ 600.000

Total range

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Channels recorded

"Blood is blood. Human is human. is an example of how interdisciplinary cooperation between the individual C3 trades can result in creative, emotional, high-reach and sustainable content campaigns. What is remarkable this time is the cross-media playout of content on various channels of IKK classic - which sensitize target groups for the topic, leave an impression, motivate to rethink and in the best case to donate blood."
Ines Wunder, Project Manager at C3 Creative Code and Content

05 Why it matters

In many areas of our society, prejudice and discrimination are unfortunately still part of everyday life. In order to abolish this existing discrimination, broad awareness and education is necessary. This is exactly what we want to achieve with the content campaign “Blood is blood. Mensch ist Mensch.” content campaign and bring about a long-term rethink in our society.


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