Diversity in action

To mark the occasion of the Women’s European Football Championship 2022, we produced four emotional portraits of women in England who live and breathe diversity in football. Not the ones from the front row, but the ones you don’t usually see. JJ Roble, the first female referee in a hijab. Morf and Georgy, using the power of community to inspire women to play football with Sirens FC. Roya Mehdizadeh-Valoujerdy and her Football Beyond Borders project, which uses the power of football to get children off the streets. And Maggie Murphy, the president of Lewes FC, the first semi-professional football club in England that pays women and men equally.

4×2 minutes

Rock’n‘Roll Production

The film was shot over four days in England with a small team of only four people. We had a whole two weeks for preparation. High intensity at its best.


DIRECTOR: Babette Kavka
PRODUCING: Babette Kavka, Daniel Krebs
DOP: Xaver Neumann
EDITING: Dominik Tetz
GRADING: Phil Glauner