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Information. Intensified. The Porsche newsroom is a one-stop shop for all Porsche enthusiasts. It’s the place to go for information and entertainment.

Screenshot des Porsche Newsrooms

01 The goal

Anyone who wants to know anything about Porsche – whether it’s innovations, history or news – can find all relevant content on this one website.

02 The Strategy

The press database becomes an online magazine. The target group includes fans and customers, as well as journalists. All information surrounding Porsche is gathered into a content hub. Numerous stories, news, videos, images and graphics are clearly structured in a smart user experience.

Screenshots des Porsche Newsrooms

03 The implementation

Daily news, background reporting and a broad multimedia range, as well as employee contributions, provide the basic content for the media portal. Special events can be followed in a live stream. Connecting the press database to the Porsche newsroom also makes it possible to publish press releases and corporate news. The integrated video portal “News TV” provides clips that can be played, shared and downloaded. To ensure users don’t miss a thing, they can subscribe to a weekly newsletter. The demand Porsche makes on its own sports cars – form follows function – is also applied as a visual guideline to the news platform.

04 The result

The Porsche newsroom performs.

5,5 million

page impressions (50% more than the previous year)

2,9 million

unique visitors (50% more than the previous year)

Around 140,000

downloads of photos, videos and texts per year

almost 200 %

increase in visitors in focus market China, compared with previous year

05 Why it matters

Every Porsche brings together high-performance technology, timeless design, tradition and service. The Porsche newsroom is the digitalised version of this attitude.


Managing Director

Lisa Sieben


+49 711 900 511 4122

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