kununu & C3: Data-based storytelling for employer branding

Our cooperation combines kununu's expertise in employee satisfaction with C3's strategic storytelling and content marketing know-how to tell the stories that are truly relevant.

Employment relationships are changing. It is more important than ever for companies to position themselves authentically, attractively and tangibly. In the competition for the right talent, the development of a strong employer brand is essential.

92 %

would think about changing jobs if they were approached by a company with a good reputation (Source: CareerArc social recruiting).

50 %

would not work for a company with a negative brand image, even if the salary would be an improvement (Source: CR Magazine & Cielo Talent).

91 %

of all job seekers enquire about the brand of the potential new employer before applying for a job (Source: glassdoor).

We help you bring your own stories to life

As a leading employer rating portal, kununu has extensive data that provides deep insights into the views and needs of employees and talents. C3 x kununu’s EmployerBranding+ offering is a combination of data depth and C3’s content marketing and storytelling expertise. It enables content to be designed along the entire employer brand journey and played out in a precisely tailored manner. The effect can be continuously monitored and optimised.

Talents should be addressed with modern storytelling and brands and companies should gain a competitive advantage in the fight for talents.

This is achieved by kununu identifying insights into the interests and needs of the talents as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the biggest competitors. C3’s content and storytelling expertise ensures that relevant stories are told in the implementation – stories that really reach and touch people.

The experts use the data to identify the essential needs and motivations of people in their professional orientation and develop a holistic employer branding strategy together with kununu and the customers. Based on this, C3 develops the cross-channel campaign planning and implements it precisely for the target group. By constantly reviewing the channel and content ecosystem, optimisation potential is continuously identified and implemented.

Let's make work better, by creating what matters.

Unser insight-driven Employer-Branding-Prozess

Our insights are based on data. We don’t gather this data on the web or draw it from small internal surveys. They come directly from the minds of your current or future employees. Directly from kununu.

We then help you use these insights to develop effective models, strategies and approaches: powerful narratives – stories that resonate – as a powerful means to create strong connections. Developed by C3.

C3 and kununu bundle competences in five modules that build on each other - to create a sustainable solution for your employer branding.

  • 01 kununu analysis

    Our kununu data holds up a mirror to companies and shows our customers how their employer branding is perceived.

  • 02 Strategy

    We compare the performance of our clients with their competitors to identify trends and new opportunities.

  • 03 Campaigning

    We look at all channels and cover everything to develop fascinating cross-media employer branding campaigns.

  • 04 Production

    Now it's all about the look, feel and soul of our customers' content, so that they can tell their story at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

  • 05 Monitoring & Optimisation

    We remain attentive with data-based monitoring and constantly measure, review and optimise.

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