C3 and kununu launch new content marketing offering for employer branding

  • C3 and kununu now have a new offer for data-based employer branding for customers in the field of employer branding
  • For this purpose, the two Burda subsidiaries are combining C3’s content marketing expertise with kununu’s knowledge and wealth of data
  • The result is a unique offering in which content can be precisely designed, played out and controlled on a data basis along the entire employer brand journey

Berlin & Hamburg, 01.08.2023 – The two Burda companies C3 Creative Code and Content and kununu (New Work SE) are combining their skills to create a new employer branding offering. As a leading employer rating portal, kununu has extensive data that provides deep insights into the views and needs of employees and talent. The combination of the data depth with C3’s content marketing and storytelling expertise makes it possible to design content along the entire employer brand journey and to play it out with precision. The effect can be continuously checked and optimised.

The aim of the cooperation is – true to the C3 brand promise “Creating what matters” – to create content that is of real importance to people in their professional orientation. Talents are to be addressed with modern storytelling and brands and companies are to gain a competitive edge in the battle for talents.

This is achieved by kununu identifying insights about the interests and needs of talent as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the biggest competitors. C3’s content and storytelling expertise ensures that relevant stories are told in the implementation – stories that really reach and touch people. The experts use the data to identify the essential needs and motivations of people in their professional orientation and develop a holistic employer branding strategy together with kununu and the customers. Based on this, C3 develops the cross-channel campaign planning and implements it for specific target groups. Through the constant examination of the channel and content ecosystem, optimisation potential is continuously identified and implemented.

Adel Gelbert, CEO of C3, comments on the new collaboration as follows: “By combining the leading content marketing agency and the leading assessment platform for employer branding, something truly unique is created – which can make all the difference for our clients in the competition for talent.”

Nina Zimmermann, CEO of kununu, adds: “The lack of differentiation in the external presentation of many companies is a challenge for talents when they want to choose the right employer. I am therefore very pleased about the cooperation, as it enables us to support companies in developing a customised approach to reach exactly those talents who best fit their own corporate culture.”

Further information on the cooperation:

Director Business and Corporate Development

Kristoffer Vullgraf