New agency model for Congstar: C3 will be responsible for content strategy in future

The Cologne-based mobile phone provider congstar will in future be supported in its brand communication by the agencies C3 Creative Code and Content (Berlin and Stuttgart) and Grabarz XCT (Hamburg). Within the framework of the new constellation, C3 will be responsible for the development and implementation of the content strategy, Grabarz XCT for the creation, conception and implementation of the advertising measures. The tender process for congstar brand communication ran from July to September 2022, with a total of six agencies taking part in the tender.

Convincing with a bold and creative concept

Over the next few months, congstar will work with the new partners to develop a joint brand strategy that will be the foundation of future cooperation. The first campaign is planned for the second half of 2023.

Maike Schmidt, Brand & Content congstar says: “We are looking forward to working with C3 and Grabarz XCT. They convinced us with bold, creative concepts in the tender.”

Positioning even stronger in the market with a new constellation

Claus-Dominique Otto, Brand & Content congstar, draws attention to the synergy effect of the new constellation: “We deliberately decided against a lead agency in order to further develop the congstar brand in a new constellation and to position it even more strongly in the market. We see great potential here with the new constellation. The combination of the high brand-strategic and creative-innovative competence of the two agencies is a very good prerequisite for the future-oriented transformation of the congstar brand.”

Lisa Sieben, Managing Director at C3: “Two agencies, one task, but above all one goal: we are very much looking forward to further developing the congstar brand together with Grabarz XCT. Especially in the expansion of the content area and the accompanying development of the newsroom, we can contribute our expertise in change, transformation and organisational design.”

Digital orientation will play a greater role

Axel Orbach, congstar Managing Director: “With our new agency model, we want to position the brand even more creatively and boldly in the market – in doing so, digital orientation in particular will play an even greater role than before.”

Morris Spors, Executive Director Visual Experience at C3 adds: “For us, congstar is one of the most honest and courageous brands in Germany. The transition of the brand into the content and creator era will now be all the more exciting, resulting in completely new demands on communication. We are looking forward to accompanying congstar on this journey.”

Director Business and Corporate Development

Kristoffer Vullgraf