Content ecosystem 'Lufthansa Insights'

  • Lufthansa publishes content – with a radically revised concept using the latest technologies
  • Innovative content ecosystem with AI support – and C3 as new agency partner
  • Seamless Travel Experience as the successor to in-flight magazines


From May, Lufthansa will be offering its customers premium content under the name “Lufthansa Insights” in the form of a predominantly digital Seamless Travel Experience, in which increasingly individualised and personalised content enriches the customer experience throughout the entire journey.

Generative AI is also being used for the first time. The expertise of the Lufthansa teams, who will become content creators, is at the heart of much of the content – because nobody knows destinations and travel as well as they do. “We know that our employees are one of our biggest USPs,” says Cindy Richter, Head of Campaigns & Partnerships and responsible for the new programme. “We now want to make this more visible by enabling our teams to make their knowledge accessible to all travellers.”

They are supported by an AI-based story assistant that makes writing texts child’s play. The first Lufthansa employees are already testing the innovative tool. AI is also being used for the planned Audio Travel Guide, a personalised podcast tailored to the destination of the booked flight.
Another innovation: under the name “Insights Art”, customers receive digital trading cards designed exclusively by artists. Artworks by the artist collective ‘EBoy’ kick things off. The cards from all collections can be converted into NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens).

These building blocks create the most modern content universe in the industry, with an unprecedented level of customisation and a diverse portfolio of entertaining and informative formats that accompany travellers before, during and after their flight. “This allows us to respond much more individually to customer needs,” says Cindy Richter.

“Together with Lufthansa, we have completely rethought the fundamental concept of content creation and distribution,” says Karsten Krämer, COO of the agency C3 Creative Code and Content, which is implementing the new content ecosystem: “The fact that we are using cutting-edge technologies makes the task even more appealing.”

Even though “Lufthansa Insights” is primarily designed for digital channels, high-quality print products continue to provide targeted highlights: Printed travel guides are distributed to travellers for selected destinations. And status customers can look forward to the personalised coffee-table book “Unikat”.

In addition to its pioneering technological role, the Lufthansa programme focuses on the highest editorial quality and exclusive content. The texts written by Lufthansa employees are therefore supplemented by prominent international contributors such as the economist Richard Florida, the illustrator Christoph Niemann and the model Karolína Kurková.

“With ‘Lufthansa Insights’, personalised premium content will accompany our guests throughout their entire journey for the first time,” says Cindy Richter, “and on all channels: from the website to social media, from FlyNet to in-flight entertainment and from the Lufthansa app to print.This is a big step for us – and sets a new standard in the aviation industry.”

Managing Director

Anna-Katharina Lohre