PM Ljubljana: The Slovenian C3 agency


Our colleagues in Ljubljana have done pioneering work from day one. As the first content marketing agency in Slovenia, PM Ljubljana has been winning over notable clients for 15 years – and was even awarded Content Marketing Agency of the Year in 2018. An interdisciplinary team combines technical excellence with a strong content DNA. Global corporations like Volkswagen trust the expertise of this award-winning agency, as do regional market leaders. PM isn’t just one of the country’s leading agencies; for the past 10 years it has also been hosting POMP – the leading content marketing conference in Southeast Europe.

Ljubljana Grafik


Igriška ulica 5

SI-1000 Ljubljana

+385 1 3000 190
PrimozInkret, Standortleitung PM Ljubljana
PM Ljubljana

Primoz Inkret

Managing Director

+385 1 3000 190