Bundeswehr and C3 further expand cooperation

Pitching success for C3 Creative Code and Content: the agency successfully defended the budget for Y – Das Magazin der Bundeswehr. C3 has been providing editorial support and innovative concepts, designs and production of the Bundeswehr’s staff magazine since 2009.

Y was previously published six times a year with a broad mix of topics from the Bundeswehr, security policy, military technology and society, one issue of which was a monothematic special. After winning the pitch, C3 launched a new concept for Y at the request of the publisher, the Federal Ministry of Defence: in future, the magazine will be published as a monothematic quarterly, in keeping with the successful Y specials of recent years.

Florian Stöhr, Managing Editor: “Y is very popular among the troops. The magazine stands for exciting topics and content that we prepare together with C3. The previous specials, in which we examined a Bundeswehr topic from all sides, always generated a lot of feedback. This is exactly where the new orientation comes in. We want to sharpen the magazine’s content and at the same time make it even more timeless and durable.”

Y fulfils special communication tasks: As the staff magazine of a state institution tasked with protecting Germany militarily from external threats, its purpose goes beyond mere staff communication. Y informs, promotes identification and cohesion among the soldiers and offers political education.

The print magazine is also intended to build bridges into the digital space: in future, each issue will appear as a responsive e-paper with new functions and additional content. Y will be published with a circulation of 32,000 copies, and the first issue of the new concept will be published in April 2023 on the main topic of “Tank Troops”.

The Bundeswehr and C3 can look back on a long history of cooperation: over the past 14 years, C3 has repeatedly been able to inspire the Bundeswehr editorial team with new and fresh concepts, further develop the magazine together and strengthen its relevance as a print product for employee communication.

Pia Schott, Managing Director at C3: “For us, Y Magazine is and always has been a format of modern internal communication of which we are very proud – especially because of the many positive feedbacks from the troops. We are very pleased that we were able to win the account for the fourth time and that we will continue to develop this exciting project together with the Bundeswehr.

Director Business and Corporate Development

Kristoffer Vullgraf