CYAN: The C3 consulting unit – creating resilient organisations.



CYAN is the C3 consulting unit for organizational design. We‘re creating the marketing and communications organisations of the future. We develop structures, processes and tools that are robust, effective and adaptable in dealing with the increasing complexity in communication and marketing. We do this together with the people in these organizations so that change succeeds sustainably.

Contemporary organizations are built in such a way that they do not need to be overhauled every two years. Responsiveness and adaptability become the most important success factors. Our mission as consultants is to create such resilient organizations that continually prove their capabilities even under the greatest pressure to change.

As a consulting unit of a content marketing agency, we come from the implementation and the idea of permanent change. We can not only create charts but come from practical experience and can develop the new organization “live” with MVPs and prototypes. In doing so, we accompany our clients in a collaborative design process by being consultants and coaches.

"CYAN is the C3 consulting unit for organisational design. We design the marketing and communication organisation of the future with our clients."
Markus Albers, Executive Director CYAN

Our Offering

  • Focus

    We accelerate change where it really makes sense to do so.

  • Co-Creation

    We believe in developing sustainable change together.

  • Facts

    We’d rather provide facts than produce PowerPoint charts.

  • Empowering

    We make ourselves unnecessary.

"We bring not only our consulting tool-kit but also plenty of practical experience and a high degree of empathy."
Matthias Kästner, Managing Director CYAN

  • As the consulting unit of a content marketing agency, we work with our clients every day in newsrooms, content desks and other agile organizational forms.

  • Based on customized consulting, we go one step further and use effective prototyping with all the capabilities our agency has to offer.

  • That is why we know what an organization needs in order to function in practice. We bundle this knowledge in our consulting.


Matthias Kästner

Managing Director

+49 89 2070041041


Markus Albers

Executive Director

+49 30 440322135