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Authentic stories instead of advertising – the CRM publication “Victoria” for Procter & Gamble focuses on a lust for life and does a deep dive into the world of women 50 and up.

Victoria Magazin, Beispiel Seite

01 The goal

The women’s magazine “Victoria”, from consumer goods company Procter & Gamble, was to become an even stronger leading medium within the target audience and retains customers to P&G with effective customer relationship management. The magazine, which appears twice a year with a print run of 2.5 million copies, is aimed primarily at women 50 and up who have an affinity for brands and have high consumption levels. The magazine reaches its readers via subscriptions or as an insert in packages from mail-order stores.

02 The strategy

“Victoria” is not just another marketing channel. The magazine wants to entertain and inspire at the highest level. The authentic stories, tailored to the readers’ lives, provide the sophisticated, discerning consumer with realistic, true-to-life inspiration. Where product content ends in the TV spot or print advertisement – that’s where the stories in “Victoria” begin. The P&G brands immerse themselves deep in the lives of their readers. And the intent is that the next time readers go shopping, they will remember the benefits offered by the P&G brands.

“For us, ‘Victoria’ is not just another marketing channel. Thanks to strong, authentic content, ‘Victoria’ stands for a positive attitude towards life, for a community of self-aware, self-confident women.”
Kristina Bulle, Marketing Director Global Customer Development at Procter & Gamble
Victoria Magazin, Beispiele Instagram Posts

03 The implementation

When she’s over 50, Annette gets married – for the first time. Marie-Louise leaves the financial industry behind and dares to start anew – as an art coach. In the magazine, real women speak their minds. Self-confident, self-aware women who have something to say. “Victoria” celebrates the beautiful sides of this phase of life and at the same time encourages a confident approach to the challenges of life for women 50-plus. Topics such as menopause and its accompanying symptoms – for example, incontinence – are openly addressed. Exciting trends and innovative products form a successful mélange, with the products staged as the “heroes” within the stories, lovingly illustrated and integrated into the photo series. The design is modern and detailed, the visual language expressive and authentic. “Victoria” readers are invited to let the life stories of strong women inspire them. It’s clear that a desire to network and exchange ideas exists. For example, since March 2020 C3 has also been supporting the newly created “Victoria” Instagram channel. The offering is getting a positive reception: users are commenting, sharing life stories and starting conversations with one another.

Victoria Magazin, Beispiel Seite

04 The result

The newly conceptualised “Victoria” magazine is compelling: the first issue after the relaunch boasts top survey results and successfully achieves synergies across channels.

2,5 million

print copies

80 %

of readers became interested in the website

91 %

of the readers expressed interest in testing products

05 Why it matters

“Victoria” shows that print with a strong strategic concept and premium design is more effective than ever, especially in the area of consumer-goods brands.

Stefan Fehm, Business Development bei C3

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